Come play Castle!

2014-10-30 17:06:16 by SnailsAnimation

We just released the lite version (demo) of our game "Castle", a funny and original PC download game where you must build and protect castles simultaneously!



It's available right here on NG:

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, if you like it feel free to go vote for us:

Have fun! :)


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2014-10-31 12:29:30

A question!
Will you work soon on Max Mesiria RPG after Castle is done?


2014-11-03 18:05:33

I saw that you remake Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 3. It's still beta.

SnailsAnimation responds:

Hi, at the moment we're not working on Mesiria, but maybe when we'll have enough budget (enough to be able to work many months on it without income). If we were to start working on Mesiria again we would probably re-make the series starting from chapter 1. Although we have other interesting projects we want to make as well.
Thank you for being such a loyal fan. We do hope to work on it someday :)


2014-11-11 13:11:17

Oh I'm glad to hear this! ^_^
I think that Remake Mesiria Chapter 1 will be in work in 2016.
Thanks SnailsAnimation!


2014-12-04 16:28:59

A question!
When will you working again on Mesiria RPG? I love this series.
Please respond my friend! ;)


2015-01-17 06:24:15

What is percentage on this game Castle?